Navigate to Sales Success

Made by Salespeople for Salespeople

SATeNAV: everything you need in one powerful and secure online tool to navigate you successfully through complex B2B sales.
Collaborate effectively. Validate opportunities. Build productive customer relationships.
Develop and communicate relevant, valuable solutions.
SATeNAV coaches you to produce on-target value for your customer, and helps you stand out from your competition.

The Grid

Navigate deal complexity to a successful outcome.

See where your sales pursuit is strong and weak. Assess all eleven critical aspects of a complex B2B sale, accurately identify where your sale is advantaged, disadvantaged and challenged. It can provide powerful justification for a ‘no bid’ strategy, if that’s the best business decision. The Grid calculates the status of your deal and how you’re positioned at a point in time. It helps guide your team to make critical adjustments to your win strategy.

The Deal Momentum is your sales coaching hub. It combines all your deal information to help develop, validate and execute your “win strategy”.


On-the-job coaching for your entire team.

V-Coach probes for accurate answers, explains why the questions are important, and what you need to do next. It trains and coaches to help develop top-quality sales achievers. Managers can provide feedback and support; team members can challenge each other; individual salespeople can enjoy a personally tailored development path to hone their skills.

The Knowledge Bank helps transform what you do and don’t know into positive strategy and productive action to support your strategy action plan development and improve your position.


Your real-time, powerful “collaboration room in the cloud”.

The energising space where your team comes together for robust discussion, free-flow brainstorming and ideas generation. Enjoy team camaraderie, brainstorming, strategy development and forward planning in a safe, virtual space. Empowered virtual team working for tangible results.

The SATeNAV journey: We’ve designed a suite of support and training services so you can optimise uptake and use. Our “Train Trainers & Champions” sessions will facilitate SATeNAV’s integration into your sales disciplines, ensuring a great user experience and early positive ROI. We can also facilitate “win/loss” reviews that will contribute to future success using the sales data embedded in The Vault.


Your corporate sales memory bank.

The Vault helps your entire company learn from success and failure. Once deals are complete and a win, loss or no-bid report is finalised, the deal is “vaulted”. Everything about the deal is captured for your corporate memory: customer and pursuit team personnel, pursuit strategies and actions, solution structure, content and value. The Vault is locked for all to learn from. History does tend to repeat itself; lessons learned can mean repeated success, lessons unlearned can mean repeated failure.

SATeNAV: the unique Sales Navigation Tool that complements your enterprise systems.
SATeNAV is a cloud-based enterprise grade SaaS Sales Assessment Tool designed to assist the seller to navigate through the journey of a complex sale. SATeNAV is delivered to your sellers via an accessible and secure online platform which allows team collaboration, validation, and momentum. Working alongside your CRM, SATeNAV is the perfect partner application to drive qualified opportunities to closure.